Watch Stan Lee’s Hilarious Ode to the F-Word in Cartoon Form (Video)

Former sound engineer gives Marvel Comics legend an animated tribute

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee might be gone but he is very much not forgotten.

Two years after his death at age 95, fans got something new — and hilariously profane — to remember him by courtesy of his former sound engineer Aron Fromm.

Fromm, a producer and director whose animated videos you can see here, worked with Lee as a sound engineer for about a decade. This week, he posted the first of what we hope becomes an ongoing series called “Sessions With Stan.”

The clip, which features a cartoon version of Stan Lee with the dialogue taken from an actual recording session, recreates a pretty funny monologue in which Lee pretends he doesn’t use curse words, only to go on and on in profane detail about how awesome the f-word is.

“I don’t say it because I don’t say dirty words, but it seems to me that that so-called dirty word is probably the most useful word in the English language, cause it could be a verb, it could be a noun, it could be anything,” Lee says at the start. Then the swearing begins.

“Say ‘ah that f—in’ thing, that’s no good, you know? Or you say ‘f— you,’ that makes it a verb, right? And no matter how you- there’s no sentence where you couldn’t use it to great advantage,” Lee continues. “And I’m gonna start a movement. I want to legalize and legitimize the word ‘f—,’ one of the great words in any language.”

“I think we just need an ‘excelsior,” Fromm can be heard saying at this point.

“Excelsior!” Stan Lee replies. “No, that’s no good. Ex-CELSIOR! F—in’ fantastic.”

See the whole thing above.


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