‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Clip: Capt. Kirk Escapes Angry Klingons (Video)

Capt. Kirk pulls a dangerous maneuver to avoid enemy fire in second clip from the upcoming blockbuster 

Capt. Kirk is pretty sure his ship will fit through a very tight space in the newest clip for "Star Trek Into Darkness."

While fleeing from a ship that fans are identifying as a Klingon vessel, Kirk (Chris Pine) pulls the Captain Card to drive his defenseless cruiser through a small passage between two structures — against Spock's (Zachary Quinto) wishes.

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"We'll fit," Kirk assures. "We'll fit! We'll fit!"

Do they fit? Anybody who has been keeping up with the trailers knows the answer, but the scene still serves as a thrilling preview of the action to come when J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" sequel gets released nationwide on May 17.

Here's the chase: