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‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Clip: Spock vs. the Volcano (Video)

Spock is trapped in a volcano while Capt. Kirk and his crew brainstorm how to save his life in the movies first full clip

Spock is willing to sacrifice his life on behalf of an alien civilization in the first full clip Paramount has released from "Star Trek Into Darkness."

The Vulcan (Zachary Quinto) refuses to allow Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine) or any other member of the Enterprise crew to break any rules and regulations to save him from perisihing inside the an active volcano.

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"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few," Spock reminds his shipmates in footage previously shown in IMAX theaters before "The Hobbit" last December.

Spock's predicament was also showcased at CinemaCon last week as part of an 18-minute preview of the "Star Trek" sequel.

Since John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) is the main villain, and not a volcano, it's probably a safe bet that somebody aboard the Enterprise figures out how to save Spock's day.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" beams into theaters on May 17. Here's a taste of the action to come:

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