‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer: Capt. Kirk Treks Into an Ambush (Video)

Kirk (Chris Pine) allows John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) to lead his ship and crew into a trap

The new "Star Trek Into Darkness" trailer shows that villain John Harrison allows himself to be captured by the USS Enterprise crew only to lead them into an intergalactic ambush.

Previous glimpses of the Paramount release teased Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine) pursuing Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) through space after he launches a terrorist attack on London. Trailers have also previewed Kirk's capture of the mysterious villain, but now we know why Harrison is so confident while imprisoned on the starship — a bigger ship was waiting to rescue him.

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"You were a pawn, Kirk," Harrison says. "You can't even guarantee the safety of your own crew."

J.J. Abram's sequel to 2009's "Star Trek" hits theaters on May 17. Here's the latest trailer: