‘Star Trek: Discovery’ – Everything We Learned From Bryan Fuller’s TCA Panel

TCA 2016: Showrunner drops all kinds of knowledge about new CBS All Access series

bryan fuller star trek discovery
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“Star Trek: Discovery” is still months away and no concrete plot points are available, but showrunner Bryan Fuller has revealed all kinds of new details about the CBS All Access series.

Check out the full list of details below.

Female Lead Who Is NOT Captain

Fuller confirmed that the show will focus on a female character, but went on to say that character would not be the captain of the Discovery. This would mark quite a change from previous “Star Trek” series, which have primarily followed the captains and commanders of Starfleet.

Fuller later said that character will be a lieutenant commander “with caveats.” Make of that what you will.

Gay Character

Fuller said that the show will “absolutely” feature a gay character. Fuller, himself openly gay, also said he still has a hate letter from a fan who reprimanded him when it was rumored Jeri Ryan‘s character on “Voyager” would turn out to be gay.

Set Before Kirk

“Star Trek: Discovery” will take place 10 years before the events of the original series, that is before Captain James Tiberius Kirk and his five-year mission aboard the Enterprise. Does that mean Kirk and Spock could make a cameo?

Fuller also said that the show will take place in the prime universe, meaning it will not exist within the same universe as the JJ Abrams film reboot universe.

Amanda Grayson Could Appear

Spock’s mother could have a presence on the series. Fuller would not go so far as to confirm this, but definitely danced around the question as though he had written the character into the show. He did say that he “loves the character.”


Fuller said after the panel that the show will feature an alien character named Saru, but did not elaborate further. The name does have a distinctly Vulcan ring to it, does it not?

“Star Trek: Discovery” does not have an official premiere date, but is expected to debut in January on CBS All Access.