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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Trailer Teases Mr. Spock in Season 2 (Video)

San Diego Comic-Con 2018: Something strange is happening in the galaxy and the world’s most famous Vulcan is involved

“Star Trek: Discovery” is coming back to CBS All Access to give “Star Trek” fans a bunch of new history to play with.

During Friday’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, CBS dropped a new trailer for the second season of the series, and discussed upcoming aspects of the season — specifically, that James T. Kirk’s predecessor as captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike, will take command of the Discovery. Another big tidbit: Spock will make an appearance this season. Season 2 definitely looks like it’ll be digging into “Star Trek” lore and filling out some interesting stories in the timeline, since it takes place about 10 years before the original series.

The first season of the show, which was made available only on CBS streaming platform, dug into some “Star Trek” history. It follows Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), a disgraced Starfleet officer who carried out a mutiny on her ship in order to blast some Klingons — a move she thought would save her ship, but which actually doomed her captain and more or less kicked off a war with the Klingon Empire.

We already knew Pike, played by Anson Mount, would appear in “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 2, but the Spock info is interesting. Burnham is actually Spock’s adopted sister on the series, taken in by his family. So far we’ve only seen Spock’s father, Sarek (James Frain) on “Discovery,” though. The inclusion of Burnham’s adopted brother and the famous Vulcan, as well as Spock’s original captain before Kirk, should bring the show a lot closer to the original series and fill in some interesting backstory.

“Discovery” already leaned into some classic “Star Trek” craziness in Season 1, including the Mirror Universe, that evil version of the “Star Trek” universe where all the heroes we know are actually bad guys. It’s clear from the Season 2 trailer that “Discovery” is looking for even more interesting sci-fi strangeness to delve into, and with Spock and Pike on the scene, the show is set to potentially add a lot to a period of the “Star Trek” story that hasn’t been explored much yet.

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