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‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Actress Arrested for Allegedly Flashing Children

Jennifer Lien allegedly exposed herself to kids during argument over a crying child’s cut foot

Jennifer Lien has been arrested for allegedly going where no “Star Trek: Voyager” cast member has gone before. Nor should they.

Lien, who played Kes on the sci-fi series, was arrested at her Harriman, Tennessee, home on Sept. 3, on two counts of exposing herself to a child under the age of 13, ABC affiliate WATE said.

Deputies from the Roane County Sheriff’s Office initially arrived at her home to deliver a detainer summons, however, they were informed by dispatch that there was an active warrant out on Lien for the exposure charges.

According to WATE, when the deputies arrived, Lien’s front door was open. The actress was naked except for a blanket on her couch, and told the deputies she was expecting them. Nonetheless, when she was informed of the warrant, the actress told them to leave her alone and that she wasn’t going anywhere. After repeatedly asking her to put clothes on, the deputies eventually cuffed her and dressed her in clothes from the jail. WATE reports that Lien refused to walk to the patrol car and had to be carried.

Lien, 41, also allegedly threatened to have the deputies killed.

TMZ reports that the alleged flashing stemmed from an argument with her neighbor outside her house. According to the site, Lien was angry that a child was crying because of a cut foot, and for some reason Lien allegedly showed her breasts and butt to the kids.

Lien has a history of legal troubles. In April, including a June 2012 arrest for domestic assault.