‘Star Wars’ Battles Rage Over Los Angeles in Fan Video (Video)

Special effects-laden fan-made short film sees Imperial Army battling it out around key regional landmarks

“Star Wars” is coming back to theaters soon, but for some that’s still not soon enough. One fan-made video not only starts the invasion right now, but it’s bringing the combat home to Los Angeles.

The special effects aren’t necessarily on par with their big-budget counterparts, but that doesn’t keep “Star Wars: Invasion L.A.” from being a lot of fun. Excitement for the sequels is reaching fever pitch, so this short is finding fans at just the right time.

There’s no story in the two-minute video. Instead, it’s just about seeing various landmarks and different parts of Los Angeles as the setting for battles waged in the air and on the ground. AT-ATs storm the beaches, while AT-STs stand guard on the rooftops and an Imperial Star Destroyer looms high above.

The creators got action shots driving across bridges and through the streets of L.A., adding ships, laserfire and explosions after. It certainly brings a new perspective to landmarks like LAX and the Santa Monica Pier.

The short film is the latest project by Kaipo Jones, who has several videos featuring extensive special effects on his YouTube page, Kaipotainment.