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‘Star Wars’ Bot R2-D2 Falls for a Hottie Mailbox in ‘Artoo in Love’ (Video)

Droid sees some serious competition, steps his game up

R2-D2 is in love, you guys — but before the “Star Wars” robot can lasso the moon for his new mailbox boo with a bow, he must win her over first.

In “Artoo in Love,” a short film uploaded to YouTube by user Evan Atherton, the droid tries a picnic, he offers flowers, he attempts sketching and even breaks out the wine — but the postal receptacle will not budge.

R2 defended his crush when some jerk tried to mail parcels, but even still, C-3PO’s BFF is eventually pushed out by a black version of himself. (That’s presumably an evil thing, not a race thing, by the way.)

Cue a ton of soul searching by the bot. That is, of course, presuming droids have souls.

Depressed, the alien creation rolls around aimlessly in a classic rom-com montage. The short has a happy ending though, when the tin can spots a pretty pink Artoo unit. The match is love at first beep. Or perhaps it’s first blip.

In real movie news, “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” rolls into theaters Dec. 18.

Watch the video above.

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