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‘Star Wars Rebels': Things Get Intense in Fourth and Final Season (Video)

How will the Ghost crew handle being in the Rebel Alliance?

Things are about to get intense for the fourth and final season of Disney’s popular cartoon “Star Wars: Rebels.”

Disney released a trailer Saturday showing the Ghost crew — a group put together by Senator Bail Organa and Ahsoka Tano to fight against the Empire — joining the Rebel Alliance, which was formed in Season 3. However, Ezra leads them back to his home on Lothal to defeat forces under Grand Admiral Thrawn.

The trailer focuses on Ezra as he goes on a personal journey invoked by a vision. Elsewhere, Mandalore — which has been under Imperial occupation since the prequel era– fights back.

“Rebels” takes place between Episodes 3 and 4 (and before “Rogue One”), leaving fans to wonder what will be the fate of many in the Ghost Crew who aren’t around during the main “Star Wars” trilogy or beyond.

“Rebels” is a continuation of the previous animated series “Clone Wars,” which told the story of Anakin and Obi-Wan between Episodes 2 and 3. Many of the characters introduced here, including Ahsoka, continue their stories in “Rebels.” The fate of Ahsoka is especially in question. She was Anakin’s padawan but doesn’t show up in the live-action films, so what happened?

The final season of “Rebels” premieres Monday, Oct. 16 on Disney XD. Watch the trailer above.