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‘Star Wars’ Star Daisy Ridley Shows Off Sick Lightsaber Skills (Video)

”The Force Awakens“ actress will make a formidable opponent in Episode VIII

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” star Daisy Ridley is going to keep Kylo Ren on his toes with the lightsaber skills she showed off in a new video.

Ridley posted a video on Instagram of her practicing her laser swordplay with one of the members of the stunt crew who is teaching her.

“So @liangstunts (TRAITOR) is WUSHU FRICKING MASTER and I always try to get him to teach me things,” Ridley wrote. “This was today!!!  Obvs not great but HE’S amazing and he’s also featured at the end. our stunt team are the most incredible group of people, so lucky I get to train with them!”

Ridley, who plays heroine Rey in the new trilogy, showed off some pretty impressive lightsaber skills in “The Force Awakens,” especially when considering that her character had never even held a lightsaber before.