Starz Cancels ‘Camelot’; Renaissance Faire-Goers Inconsolable

Cable outlet cites “significant production challenges” as reason for pulling the plug

"Camelot" has experienced its last jousting tournament.

Starz announced Thursday that it had canceled its fantasy series based on Arthurian legend, due to "significant production challenges."

The series premiered in April, following a February preview of the pilot, and wrapped its 10-episode season June 10.

Like other Starz period action dramas — "Spartacus," for example — "Camelot" was shot abroad. However, with episode No. 2 dropping 23 percent from 1.1 million premiere number in April, "Camelot" was apparently not able to generate enough of an audience to justify its production nut.

The series starred Jami Campbell Bower ("Breaking Dawn," "Harry Potter") as a young King Arthur; Eva Green as Morgan, and Joseph Fiennes as Merlin.