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Starz’s ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ Pulls From Mythology for Season 2 Poster, Teaser (Video)

Leonardo flies too close to the sun in the premium cable series’ new key art for its second chapter

Starz invokes images of Greek Mythology’s fallen Icarus in its new key art for the upcoming second season of “Da Vinci’s Demons,” which debuts Friday, March 22.

In both the poster and teaser, Leonardo (Tom Riley) is cast as the human who manufactured wings in order to fly, but found his downfall when he ignored warnings of getting too close to the sun.

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“I think we found our tone,” creator David Goyer told reporters at the Winter Television Critics Association press tour. “We all feel much more comfortable with it. There are elements that are darker than last season.”

On Season 2, Goyer teased that the series will portray some new historical figures based on the success of the Vlad character from last season. It will also dramatize stories that said Da Vinci had traveled to Syria and The New World before history marks such events. Also, the season won’t unravel in a linear timeline.

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Watch the teaser above.

And below, see the new poster and a featurette about what to expect on Season 2.