‘Station 19,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘SIX’ Stars to Get Muddy for Money at Tough Mudder LA

Actors competing for charity will also be joined by a pack of dogs for the inaugural Ruff Mudder on Saturday

Last Updated: March 1, 2018 @ 11:37 AM

Your favorite TV stars are about to get really filthy.

Shondaland characters are renowned for stripping down and getting dirty, but on Saturday actors from “Grey’s Anatomy,” upcoming spinoff “Station 19” and History Channel drama “SIX” will get a different kind of messy.

Giacomo Gianniotti (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Barry Sloane (“SIX”), Kyle Schmid (“SIX,” “Copper”), Jaylen Moore (“SIX”) and Edwin Hodge (“Chicago Fire”) are among the actors taking on Tough Mudder’s biggest and baddest obstacles over a 10 mile race at East Walker Ranch in Santa Clarita, California, on Saturday.

They’re not just doing the race to show off their muscles in the mud, as each team has partnered with CrowdRise, Tough Mudder‘s official fundraising platform, to raise money for their chosen charity.

The #SIX4SVA Team from History Channel’s hit drama following the Navy’s SEAL Team Six will be running to raise $20,000 for Student Veterans of America (SVA), a coalition of 1,500 chapters on college campuses that provide student veterans the resources, support and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and beyond.

But even better than the human competitors, the L.A.-area event will include the inaugural Ruff Mudder race, featuring dogs of all shapes and sizes competing over six obstacles on a course designed especially for canines. Don’t worry, there’s also a cleanup station with a Waterpik Pet Wand PRO courtesy of Waterpik Pets.

The doggy challenges include:

Mini Everest — a slick quarter pipe is over 4’ tall, that needs strong hindlegs building up momentum and speed to get over the top lip. Aim for the top, but there’s no promise you won’t end up at the bottom.
Boa Constrictor — Scratch and slide through to the other side of the dark and muddy tunnel.
Mud Mile x 2 — a classic Tough Mudder fan favorite this mile of mud is doggy heaven. Climb over every mound and wade through every valley to conquer this obstacle.
Mini Berlin Walls x2 — a mud slicked 2-inch tall wall requiring precise eye-to-paw coordination to cleanly jump over. Lend a paw to those in need.

While the Ruff Mudder competitors aren’t commenting to the media at this time, human competitor and “SIX” star Schmid said: “Training to portray a U.S. Navy SEAL on TV has taught me a lot about my mental and physical limits and pushing past my breaking point. We really are capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for. Which is why we have decided to team up with and take on the Tough Mudder challenge for a great cause.

“Together with Tough Mudder, we’re raising funds for Student Veterans of America (SVA), an organization that provides military vets with the support and resources needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation. I had the pleasure of meeting Jared Lyon, President and CEO of SVA, last year while skydiving with the Army’s Golden Knights and knew that this was a cause I wanted to support wholeheartedly.”

Multiple prizes are available to those who donate at least $10, including a Grand Prize video call with select members of the cast. Other prizes include an autographed series script, Season 1 DVD sets, series branded tee-shirts, a rucksack donated by Sword & Plough, and much more.

“In the military as in life, student veterans recognize that teamwork is the key to success,” Student Veterans of America’s president and CEO Jared Lyon added. “We’re thrilled to welcome the cast of ‘SIX’ to our team as we work together towards empowering today’s scholars to become tomorrow’s leaders. By nearly every measure, veterans are among the most successful students in higher education. This partnership will impact those who chose to wear our nation’s cloth by supporting them as they make the most out of their education and start their careers.”

“Station 19,” the highly-anticipated “Grey’s” spin-off, premieres on ABC March 22 as part of the TGIT Shondaland lineup.

The Tough Mudder L.A. Weekend runs March 3 and 4.