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Steph Curry’s Young Daughter Doesn’t Understand the Golden State Warriors’ Losing Streak

Point guard’s 7 year old asks power forward Draymond Green, ”Why do we keep losing?“

With a 4-16 start to the season, the Golden State Warriors are amidst an unusual losing streak — and Steph Curry’s 7-year-old daughter Riley doesn’t understand why.

In a feature published earlier this week in The Athletic, Curry’s teammate Draymond Green recalls the Warriors’ recent loss to the Boston Celtics and the rather harsh — but humorous — question posed by Curry’s eldest daughter.

“The other day, I was getting them out of the family room after the [Celtics] game and Riley Curry was in there,” Green said. “She’s like: ‘Did we lose?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, Riley, we lost.’ She’s like: ‘Why do we keep losing?'”

“All my kids know is the Warriors winning,” Green told The Athletic. “So, us losing, it doesn’t make sense to them.”

Riley, who was born in 2012, has never seen the Warriors miss the playoffs. The team has also won three NBA championships since 2015.

But as several of the Warriors’ star players have been out due to injuries, including Riley’s father Steph, it remains to be seen whether the team will be able to turn the season around. As for how Green responded to Riley’s question?

“Green resisted the urge to point over at Riley’s father, mention that giant cast over his left hand and explain that, well, that’s the reason they keep losing,” The Athletic’s Anthony Slater wrote.

Instead, Green simply answered, “We’ll get better.” Or so he hopes.