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Stephen Baldwin Doesn’t Think Brother Alec’s Trump Impression Is Funny (Video)

Actor and reality star doesn’t think there’s anything funny about this election, not even his brother’s ”Saturday Night Live“ parody

“Saturday Night Live” has been getting rave reviews lately for its parodies of the recent presidential debates, which feature Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.

In the past few weeks, Baldwin has made fun of Trump’s “grab her” comments, his alienation of Republican supporters, and his tendency to go off-topic when responding to debate questions. It’s arguably the most popular “SNL” political impression since Tina Fey‘s riff on Sarah Palin eight years ago … though Trump himself definitely isn’t a fan. And neither, it turns out, is Baldwin’s brother, Stephen.

Stephen Baldwin, who is a supporter of Trump, attended Wednesday night’s debate in Las Vegas and was asked by reporters what he thought of his brother’s act. Baldwin said that while Alec got the voice down well, he didn’t think it was very funny.

“I don’t think there’s anything very funny about this election,” he said. “We have never had this much stagnation in our economy in God knows how long … but there’s no fooling around anymore.”

“Young people and those undecided voters, everybody needs to do as much homework as they can in the next 20 days, because if Mr. Trump doesn’t get in there we’re going to see more of what we’ve seen in the last eight years,” the actor and reality star continued.

Alec Baldwin is expected to play Trump again in another “SNL” cold open sketch this Saturday, as Tom Hanks is set to host with Lady Gaga as musical guest.

Watch some of Stephen Baldwin‘s remarks in an interview with CBS News above.