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Stephen Colbert and Sen. Lindsay Graham Share a ‘Hitler-related Fantasy’ (Video)

The senator and the 'Colbert Report' host may boycott the 2014 Olympics if host country Russia grants Edward Snowden asylum

Edward Snowden has been held up in the Moscow airport for so long, "he has finished his second Cinnabon," Stephen Colbert said Thursday night.

The "Colbert Report" host tackled a recent proposition by Sen. Lindsey Graham that America boycott the 2014 Russian Olympics if the country grants the alleged "traitor" asylum. 

Graham said, "If you could go back in time, would you have allowed Adolph Hitler to host the Olympics?"

To which Colbert replied, "Yes, yes, good point. If you could go back in time and stop Hitler from doing anything, it would surely be hosting the 1936 Berlin Games."

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The comedian continued, "That is without question my number one Hitler-related time travel fantasy."

Colbert is so passionate about the subject that he even penned a book that sees Jesse Owens and his javelin bringing the 1936 Games to Baltimore. He just needs a publisher.

Watch the clip:

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