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Stephen Colbert Argues ‘Iron Man 3,’ ‘Man of Steel’ are ‘Destroying America’ (Video)

The "Colbert Report" host fears the newest Superman is pro-Obama White House propaganda, while "Iron Man 3" became a slave to Chinese financing

Stephen Colbert took to Comedy Central's airwaves on Thursday night to deliver a strong warning to his viewers: Summer movies like "Man of Steel" and "Iron Man 3" are destroying America.


"First of all, Superman is the quintessential American hero," Colbert said. "Yet they gave the part to some limey named Henry Cavill."

On top of Warner Bros. outsourcing the greatest American job ever to a British actor, Colbert claimed Zack Snyder's movie may be White House propaganda pushing President Barack Obama's agenda.

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After screening a clip of the caped crusader explaining that the "S" on his chest means "hope" on Krypton, the "Colbert Report" host added: "They're saying Superman is Obama."

But what really grinds Colbert's gears is Marvel's nerve to accept financing from China-based studio DMG Entertainment to fund "Iron Man 3."

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"To pay back their Chinese puppet masters," Colbert noted, Marvel released a tailored version of Shane Black's film, which included "significant Chinese elements — including one of the country's top actresses, Fan Bingbing.

And that makes Colbert "angry-gry." 

Watch what else about two of this summer's most anticipated Hollywood productions has the faux conservative up in arms: