Stephen Colbert Asks Neil deGrasse Tyson What He ‘Learned’ From His #MeToo Moment (Video)

“I learned that I had friends in times of need … when I needed it most, people were there for me,” Tyson says following sexual misconduct investigation

Last Updated: October 8, 2019 @ 7:42 AM

Stephen Colbert dived straight into the serious stuff when Neil deGrasse Tyson returned to the “Late Show” as a guest for the first time since facing sexual misconduct accusations last year.

As Colbert explained on Monday’s show, there were three investigations, at the end of which Fox and Nat Geo did not find any grounds by which to dismiss Tyson.

Choosing his words carefully, Tyson said that the past year has “been very long … when I think about what I value in particular, it is the value of support from family, from friends — even such as you — and especially fans, who were there the whole time and are there now.”

Colbert then asked Tyson what he had learned from this, with the astrophysicist and “Cosmos” host stressing that, “I learned that I had friends in times of need, and in a time of stress. As a scientist, I spend most of my time thinking objectively about the world. Spending less time thinking about emotions and of stress … when I needed it most, people were there for me,” he said.

The pair then went on the lighten the conversation tone and switch to what Tyson really came on the late-night show to talk about: space.

Tyson previously and steadfastly denied all the sexual misconduct accusations against him via a lengthy Facebook post in December 2018.

“Accusations can damage a reputation and a marriage. Sometimes irreversibly. I see myself as loving husband and as a public servant – a scientist and educator who serves at the will of the public,” he said at the time. “I am grateful for the support I’ve received from those who continue to respect and value me and my work.”

Watch the full interview with Tyson and Colbert above.