Stephen Colbert Asks ‘Nemesis’ Nancy Pelosi If She Has Naked Pictures of John Boehner (Video)

“I didn’t love being speaker, but I liked getting the job done for the American people”

Stephen Colbert welcomed Nancy Pelosi to “The Colbert Report” Monday, and quickly put her on the spot.

After he greeted the House Minority Leader as his “nemesis,” she called the satirical talk show host her friend. She pitched a new initiative called Middle Class Jumpstart that aims to help the middle class — starting with women — by providing equal pay for equal work, a higher minimum wage, affordable childcare and better education and infrastructure.

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“How will you get it done, though?” Colbert asked. “Because nothing gets done in Washington. … What are you going to use? Do you have naked pictures of John Boehner doing something?”

Pelosi made surprised faces, touched her forehead, and looked generally uncomfortable.

“Got the mental image?” he asked.

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“No, no,” she said.

“And if you do — is the tan uniform?”

Pelosi said her plan to pass the initiative is to get more Democrats elected to Congress. Colbert noted that she could again become Speaker of the House, replacing Boehner.

“Why would you ever want that job again? John Boehner is on the edge of a nervous breakdown all the time. He looks like he’s going to break into tears. Isn’t that a hard job?” he asked.

Pelosi said Democrats’ accomplishments the last time they controlled the House included passing the Affordable Care Act, Wall Street reform and land preservation measures.

“I didn’t love being speaker, but I liked getting the job done for the American people,” she said.

Watch the video: