Stephen Colbert Earns Audience Groans After Making Courtroom Sketches of Trump Kiss | Video

“Oh, that part’s upsetting! We found the line” the CBS host jokes

Stephen Colbert was met by a chorus of groans from his audience on Thursday night’s episode of “The Late Show,” after he had his team animate a courtroom sketch of Donald Trump to appear as though he was kissing himself.

As part of his monologue, Colbert delighted in how Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen has taunted the ex-president online and elsewhere. In fact, one of Cohen’s posts, which depicted Trump in an orange prison jumpsuit, was even shown by the defense in court.

Colbert then pulled up how the courtroom sketch artist drew Trump reacting to that image, and filled in some dialogue for the ex-president.

“Wait. Wait, if I’m in there, how am I out here?” Colbert mimicked, doing his Trump impression. “Quick! Quick, tiny me in the box, say something only me would know! Damn it, I don’t know anything. Should we maybe kiss?”

At that, the drawing came to life, and the sketch Trump appeared to make out with the image of himself. And at that, the audience almost unanimously groaned, prompting Colbert to chuckle in surprise.

“Oh, that part’s upsetting!” he marveled. “We found the line.”

From there, Colbert simply carried on, joking that Trump used the off-day from his trial on Wednesday to hit the road, performing his “hit one-man show, ‘Complaining for Applause.’”

You can watch Stephen Colbert’s monologue in the video above.


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