Stephen Colbert Unfriends Vladimir Putin on Facebook Over Drudge Report Photo (Video)

The website Photoshopped the Russian leader’s head on an old Colbert promo photo

Vladimir Putin wrote an op-ed in the New York Times Thursday, which was picked up by news outlets seemingly everywhere, much to Stephen Colbert‘s chagrin.

The worst aggregation offender was the Drudge Report, which featured a photo of a winking Putin gripping the American flag.

“Here he is with his dirty, vodka-stained hands all over Old Glory,” Colbert said.

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Not only is the image offensive to Comedy Central’s biggest patriot, the photo is also quite familiar to Colbert. That’s because it’s actually an old promo shot of the “Colbert Report” host, with the Russian’s head Photoshopped onto his body, and Colbert’s arm Photoshopped out.

This led Colbert to unfriend Putin on Facebook, where he assumes the photo-thievery occurred.

Watch the clip: