Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher Clash Over Religion on ‘Late Show’ (Video)

“All you have to do is humble yourself before the presence of the Lord,” the CBS late-night host says while inviting his guest back into the Catholic church

“Late Show” viewers were treated to lighthearted debate about religion between host Stephen Colbert and guest Bill Maher on Monday.

Colbert, a practicing Catholic, served as a representative for the Church after wading into the subject with this question: “They say at a dinner party you should never talk about sex, politics or religion. Have you ever been invited to a dinner party in your life?”

“I probably wouldn’t be invited to your dinner party, because we’re very opposite,” the HBO host responded, noting Colbert is “married and religious.”

“I suck as a Catholic,” Colbert said, and then invited his outspoken atheist guest — who was raised Catholic — to “come on back.”

“The door is always open. Golden ticket, right before you,” the CBS late-night comedian said. “All you have to do is humble yourself before the presence of the Lord and admit there are things greater than you in the universe that you do not understand. Take Pascal’s wager. If you’re wrong, you’re an idiot, but if I’m right, you’re going to Hell.”

Maher, the man behind the 2008 documentary “Religulous,” still opts for the possibility of free room and board with Satan for eternity.

“I do admit there are things in the universe I do not understand. But my response to that is not to make up silly stories,” Maher said. “Or to believe intellectually embarrassing myths from the bronze age, but you believe whatever you want.”

“These were men who did not know what a germ or an atom was or where the sun went at night, and that’s where you’re getting your wisdom,” Maher added. “Let’s not argue.”

“But I like it,” Colbert said with a giant grin. “You see, my religion teaches me humility in the face of this kind of attack.”

Watch the video above.