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Stephen Colbert Braves Polar Vortex's Thunder Snow, Prepares for Cloudpocalypse Rain-a-Geddon (Video)

It's all very science-y

"The Colbert Report" returned Monday for its first episode of 2014 with host, Stephen Colbert, dressed in a heavy winter coat and gloves, braving New York's frigid weather.

"Good to have you with us folks -- and by 'with us', I mean still living," he opened.

"It was so cold on New Year's Eve, that the ball went back up," the Comedy Central host quipped. "It happens, ladies."

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Beware the "Polar Vortex" and its "thunder snow," east coast. "Frankly, I'm not sure of those are weather terms, or finishing moves from 'Mortal Kombat,'" Colbert wondered.

The comedian is looking forward to a break in the coldness on Thursday, when it will be in the mid-40s, or as he is calling it: "Partly Cloudpocalypse With a 20 Percent Chance of Rain-a-Geddon."

Colbert then threw it back to Stephen with the news -- which is just himself with the ski gear off.

Watch the clip: