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Stephen Colbert Brings Back Conservative Alter Ego to Bid Farewell to Obama, Usher in Trump (Video)

”Late Show“ host relives his ”Colbert Report“ years with his ”delusional egomaniac“ character

The real Stephen Colbert struggled to find a way to talk about the “scope of Barack Obama’s legacy” on Thursday night, hours before Donald Trump’s inauguration — so he turned to an old friend to help him out.

Yep — that old “conservative gasbag” and “delusional egomaniac” Stephen Colbert was back for one night only to usher in the dawn of a new political era.

Claiming to be reporting in by satellite to CBS’s “Late Show” from his cabin getaway in the “Mountains of Justice” (which he shares with Jon Stewart), the Comedy Central Colbert suddenly and miraculously appeared in the studio — armed with a Captain America-style shield, and a sword.

“Well, well, well … At long last, our America-hating, secret Muslim, lead-from-behind, terrorist fist-bumping, hopey-changey, Apologist-in-Chief is leaving office,” Colbert’s other half said.