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Stephen Colbert Calls Up ‘The Big Lebowski’ to Settle Trump’s Lawsuit Over John Bolton’s Book (Video)

”You’re out of your element, Donnie!“

Stephen Colbert’s monologue on Wednesday really tied the room together when he used a reference from “The Big Lebowski” in order to explain why President Trump’s lawsuit against John Bolton’s new book is never going to work.

The Trump administration sued former National Security director Bolton over his new book “The Room Where It Happened” to prevent the book’s release next week and even escalated the legal fight. But Colbert said that in every case where the government has tried to prevent someone from publishing what they believe to be classified, they’ve lost.

To nail it down, Colbert threw to “CBS legal analyst” Walter Sobcheck: “For your information, the Supreme Court has widely rejected prior restraint,” John Goodman’s character from “The Big Lebowski” says in a clip from the film, adding, “Forget it Donnie, you’re out of your element!”

And turns out this is a first amendment issue, man.

But Colbert also said it wasn’t going to work because they’ve sent too many copies of the book to press, including a copy to his own room where it happened. Though when he found out that there’s no new classified information in the book, Colbert tossed it away. He added that the Trump administration has now taken  longer to review the book than it took Bolton to write it, and that Bolton is working on his new book, “The Room Where ‘The Room Where It Happened’ Almost Didn’t Happen.”

Several news outlets have already published excerpts from the book, and Bolton gave an interview to ABC News on Wednesday saying that Trump was unfit for office. Colbert breaks down the details of some of the book later on in the video, which you can watch above.