Stephen Colbert Brings Back Cartoon Donald Trump to Celebrate Ted Cruz’s Demise (Video)

“Late Show” host pays tribute to the fallen in “Hungry for Power Games” segment

Last Updated: May 6, 2016 @ 9:35 AM

Stephen Colbert brought back Cartoon Donald Trump on Wednesday to honor the ends of both Ted Cruz’s and John Kasich’s Presidential campaigns.

After both men lost to Trump in the Indiana primary, Trump’s cartoon self toasted his victory with Colbert over Trump Champagne.

Earlier in the “Hungry for Power Games” segment, Colbert looked back on all of Kasich’s accomplishments on the campaign trail, which consisted solely of a lone primary win in his home state of Ohio.

Cruz, whom Colbert referred to as a “half-kissed frog prince,” didn’t fare much better. Despite winning nearly a dozen states, Colbert reminded viewers that former House Speaker John Boehner recently called Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.”

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