Stephen Colbert Channels His Inner John Boehner Channeling His Inner Chris Rock (Video)

House Speaker Boehner wants someone to go to jail, and it's not going to be George Bailey

Stephen Colbert opened up Wednesday's "Colbert Report" by comparing his difficulty in selecting which Obama administration scandal to report on as akin to trying to pick which of your children to impeach.

Congress and Colbert chose to focus on the IRS' admission to targeting Tea Party groups — who may or may not have eaten chips in Colbert's den — apparently a big no-no in his household.

House Speaker John Boehner's press conference calling for someone to go to jail over the scandal provided perfect fodder for Colbert to pull a Chris Rock on stage and dramatically drop the microphone and walk off. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for the viewers, there was still plenty of show to fill.

A nervous Colbert rounded out the opening segment with a recent clip of Lois Lerner pleading the fifth and an oldie but goodie of Uncle Billy drunkenly screwing over the old Bailey Building and Loan. Billy and his furry (if not rabid) friend kicked off a fairly convoluted six degrees of White House scandal routine, much to the delight of The Nation.

Watch below: