Stephen Colbert, Charlie Rose Have Playdate in Giant Ball Pit (Video)

“The Colbert Report” introduces Playdate Plaza in attempt to court toddlers

“Good Morning America” and “Today” are falling over themselves to prove that morning programming can be Millennial approved.

Both broadcasts have introduced “fun” day-glo spaces where their new teams can interact with the teens who are definitely glued to their sets at 8 a.m. The new accessibility comes via Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms that these 40-plus year old anchors are totally using in their free time, Stephen Colbert pointed out on Thursday’s “The Colbert Report.”

“GMA” went a step beyond what “Today” is offering up by outfitting its social media zone with a foosball table.

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“Why didn’t Walter Cronkite tell us about the Kennedy assassination from behind an air hockey table?” Colbert asked.

He may not be serving up his sardonic observations to the coffee cup crowd, but that didn’t stop Colbert from getting hip to these new network media research group approved key demos. “The Colbert Report” host unveiled his new “Playdate Plaza,” which is pitched at viewers ages 4 and under.

“It’s where we’ll be covering all the major news stories toddlers want to know about,” he said.

There’s a Fisher Price phone, the latest educational games and giant ball pit. To introduce his hip new space, Colbert invited over a surprise guest, one instantly recognizable to pre-scholars the world over — “CBS This Morning” anchor and talk show host Charlie Rose.

“I’m here to tell all the kids tomorrow on ‘CBS This Morning’ we’ll have Scott Pelley’s exclusive interview with President Obama from Rome,” Rose said after popping out of the ball pit.

Watch the video: