Stephen Colbert Compares White House Scandals: Trump Vs Obama (Video)

Gum chewing and tan suits are compared to things that could result in impeachment

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Monday offered a nostalgic look back at what was considered a scandal during the Obama administration, mocking what the media cared about before Donald Trump took charge.

The skit “White House Scandals: Then & Now” begins with a 2015 Fox News report in which Barack Obama received flack for “chewing gum.” The video quickly jumps to 2017 and shows Fox News anchor Shepard Smith report that Trump may have turned over classified secrets to the Russian government.

Colbert then brings us back to 2013, when Obama was highly criticized for putting his feet on the desk inside the Oval Office. Once again, the video then shows a recent report that Trump is being accused of obstruction of justice.

The point, obviously, is to prove that Obama was criticized for “scandals” that appear completely insignificant by 2017 standards. The segment shows an old MSNBC clip that Obama’s “umbrellas” caused controversy followed by a more recent clip of Trump being accused of a “grotesque abuse of power.”

The promo also mentions the time Obama saluted while holding a coffee and reminds us that he was mocked for bowing too often, while Trump is under pressure for more serious things such as colluding with Russia during the election.

The video even shows the outrage that occurred when Obama reached over a sneeze guard at a fast food restaurant and wore a tan-colored suit, while Trump has White House lawyers scrambling to learn impeachment procedures.

Check out the video above.


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