Stephen Colbert Defends Bill O’Reilly: Of Course God Told Him to Write ‘Killing Jesus’ (Video)

The Fox News analyst is filled with Christian spirit

Stephen Colbert rose to the defense of his conservative hero Wednesday, slamming the lamestream media for questioning Bill O’Reilly’s claims that he was divinely inspired to write “Killing Jesus.”

In an interview with “60 minutes,” the Fox News pundit said the Almighty inspired him to pen the latest in his series of books about famously murdered historical figures. Previous installments include “Killing Kennedy” and “Killing Lincoln.”

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“As a Catholic, Bill believes in the Trinity,” Colbert noted on “The Colbert Report” Wednesday. “In this case, the father, the son and the holy ghostwriter.”

Yet, some members of the press have mocked O’Reilly’s depiction of his writing process as a case of hubris.

“You are mocking his Christan faith,” Colbert said. “This man is filled with the spirit of Christianity. Rule number one: no forgiveness, motherf—er. Jesus himself said, ‘You cross me, I cut a bitch.’”

Colbert knows of what he speaks, noting that every one of his three books has been divinely inspired.

“But folks, I’m very careful with this power,” Colbert said. “I always make sure the voice in my head is God’s. After all, my neighbor’s dog also talks to me in my sleep and tells me to kill people, but I ignore him, because he’s not God. Although Rosco is an ordained minister.”

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