Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump Over ‘Alpha Male’ Behavior on Foreign Trip (Video)

“We still have time to change the locks,” the “Late Show” host says

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert called President Trump a “jerk” on Friday night for his behavior with world leaders at the NATO summit in Brussels, including pushing aside a prime minister and engaging the  president of France in an intense handshake.

The now-viral video of the shove shows Trump putting his hand on Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, pushing him aside and stepping around him before adjusting his jacket.

“Out of my way… Alpha male coming through,” Colbert joked,”I don’t think that kind of shoving is appropriate for an International Summit. That’s the kind of shoving that belongs at the buffet line at Mar-o-Lago.”

Colbert added, “What a jerk.”

But the moment everyone is talking about, according to Colbert, “is his handshake with the newly-elected French president and guy who wants to try it with the lights on tonight, Emmanuel Macron.”

“The two men shook hands for six long seconds,” Washington Post reporter Phillip Rucker, who was in the room, wrote. “Their knuckles turned white, their jaws clenched and their faces tightened. Trump reached in first, but then he tried to release, twice, but Macron kept his grip until letting go.”

Colbert said the White House press pool’s description of the handshake sounded like erotic fan fiction and joked that “50 Shades of Orange” will soon be released.

Colbert mentioned that President Trump is “still out of the country” and received a big applause from the crowd. “We still have time to change the locks,” he joked.

Check out the video above.