Stephen Colbert Binges on Both Oreos and Donald Trump-Bashing During Debut (Video)

New CBS host points out politician’s Nabisco boycott flaw: “He’s forcing them to decide between alienating Latino voters and eating a Hydrox”

Stephen Colbert promised his new “Late Show” audience that he will “be covering all the presidential candidates … who are Donald Trump” — and his didn’t disappoint on Night 1.

The comedian used the politician’s harsh words against cookie company Nabisco as a top-notch metaphor for the media’s binging on Trump coverage. The Donald had promised to never eat another Oreo again after its parent company moved a plant from Chicago to Mexico. Of course, much like Trump jokes, once you start eating Oreos, it’s pretty tough to stop, which Colbert found out on Tuesday.

“I’m not surprised that Donald Trump is willing to stand up to Big Cookie,” the comic quipped. “After all, he’s the only candidate brave enough to deport the Keebler Elves: ‘Hey, tree freaks, get your filthy, fudgey fingers off our jobs.’”

“Of course, Trump’s anti-Oreo stance puts other Republicans in a tough spot here: He’s forcing them to decide between alienating Latino voters and eating a Hydrox,” Colbert added, dry-heaving at the thought of the knock-off cookie.

The new 11:35 p.m. host wolfed down a few more hundred calories, and Trump jokes. By the end, he was just dumping the bag of sugary snack into his mouth.

“Oh, Donald, I love you too,” Colbert finished the desk bit while opening up yet another bag of Oreos, “but I think I’m going to hate myself in the morning.”

Watch the video above.