Stephen Colbert Pledges Ukrainian Support: ‘The World’s Largest Strategic Reserves of Alcoholism’ (Video)

Comedy Central host picks sides in the fight between Russian and Ukraine

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 7:06 PM

Stephen Colbert officially planted his flag of loyalty in the Ukraine on Thursday, as rebels in the country are rioting to break longstanding political ties with Mother Russia.

It’s a bold announcement from the late night comedian, as both countries are important United States trading partners. After all, “they contain the world’s largest strategic reserves of alcoholism,” Colbert said.

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Unfortunately, the emotional support cannot help the very physical fight. The protestors are outmanned and wildly outgunned — but they are resourceful. The rebels have resorted to making their own catapults to fight against sophisticated weaponry.

But there is a bright side, Colbert said: “Even if they lose the revolution, they’re ready for next season’s Punkin Chunkin.”

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For defense, the underdogs have taken to creating homemade riot gear. At least one was pictured wearing a kitchen colander on his head for protection, leading Colbert to remark, “That helmet is completely impenetrable — unless the police somehow develop hot water technology.”

Regardless, the “Colbert Report” host stands with the “rag tag group” of Ukrainians, proving it by donning a colander of his own behind his anchor desk.

Watch the clip:


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