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Stephen Colbert Turns to Esteban Colberto ‘One Last Time,’ Tackles Immigration Reform (Video)

Mexican version of Comedy Central host calls Republicans ”such huge dicks“ in final ”Colbert Report“ appearance

Stephen Colbert broke out his Rosetta Stone software, fake mustache, and tangerine jacket and tie to self-interview Esteban Colberto one final time on the ending “Colbert Report.”

The topic at hand Tuesday was President Barack Obama’s threat to use the Executive Order privilege to prevent the deportation of five million illegal immigrants, also providing them with work licenses.

“How dare he take executive action to address immigration by himself,” the American Colbert said. “He should be working with Congress to do nothing together.”

Colbert’s Mexican colleague, Colberto, added that he does not trust Obama either, as the Commander in Chief has promised immigration reform in the past. But Colberto admitted that his people would still vote Democrat in the future, “because Republicans have been such huge dicks.”

The Spanish-speaking host of “Colberto Reporto Gigante” then dropped some solid Ted Cruz jokes before dancing it out.

Plus, there was a big reveal at the end — but we won’t spoil that for you.

Watch the video: