Stephen Colbert Calls on ‘Formidable Opponent’ Stephen Colbert One Final Time to Debate Torture Report (Video)

The second departing Colbert says of Bill O’Reilly: “No one is going to pay me to watch him anymore, so f-ck that noise”

Stephen Colbert

The only mind sharp enough to debate with Stephen Colbert, is Stephen Colbert. The conservative Comedy Central character, therefore, called on himself one final time for Monday’s “Formidable Opponent” segment.

The two Colberts argued about the CIA torture report, before one of them realized that there is a third brilliant mind to conjure for the conversation, potentially breaking their tie: “In troubled times, Bill O’Reilly reminds us to shut up and let him talk,” the red-tied Colbert had said earlier in the show.

He then called up another Fox News Channel clip to prove his point.

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Afterward, when one Colbert says he will miss O’Reilly, the other reminds his opponent that the FNC talking head is staying put, it’s the two of them who are walking away from “The Colbert Report.”

“Yeah, but no one is going to pay me to watch him anymore, so fuck that noise,” the blue-tied Colbert said, to raucous studio audience applause.

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The red-tied Colbert then assaulted his counterpart with “fog of war” via an on-set fog machine to shut him up. Oh, and also, something terrible clearly happened at Mayflower Lake, making both Colberts zip their respective lips.

Watch the video to find out what the Colberts did to Mr. Jenkins while away at prep school: