Stephen Colbert: God Could Use an Ad Campaign

Colbert mocks characterization of Romney as ‘weird,’ says it is just code for Mormon

God's approval rating is languishing at 52 percent, and that just doesn't sit right with Stephen Colbert.

In anticipation of Thursday night's debate between Republican presidential candidates, Colbert addressed President Barack Obama's rumored smear campaign against frontrunner Mitt Romney. Colbert, while maintaining his token schtick, noted that the effort to cast Romney as "weird" is really just code for Mormon," a negative strategy that left Colbert fake-impressed.

"I am really starting to respect that urban rhythmic socialist Kenyan secret Muslim!” he said.

More impressive is the Mormons' new ad campaign, which is trying to erase the negative stigma associated with them — only Muslims and Atheists are trusted less. So impressed was Colbert that he is worried for Christianity.

"You know who else could use an ad campaign?" he joked. "God."

God's problem? He had a child out of wedlock and he is a "gaffe machine," between floods, famine and the lack of aged pinot noir on Air France.

Think Romney will use this strategy in the debate?