Stephen Colbert, Chris Christie Tag-Team Takedown of ‘Bridgegate’ Critic David Wildstein (Video)

Comedy Central host gives a tip of the cap to February’s shared Black History Month and Children’s Dental Health Month before delving into N.J.’s “Bridgegate”

Stephen Colbert briefly recognized Black History Month — and February’s lesser-known Children’s Dental Health Month — before circling back to his usual political talking point: defending N.J. Governor Chris Christie over his involvement in the state’s “Bridgegate” scandal.

“Lots to get to, but first I have to send a ‘Colbert Report’ Shout-Out to my African-American viewer or viewers,” the Comedy Central host opened. He then drew a (somewhat) straight line between the two aforementioned causes that lay claim to the calendar month: “The point is kids, great African-American leaders like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King want you to floss. It’s what they fought for.”

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Then Colbert came to the meat and potatoes of his Tuesday late-night talk show: once again defending Christie, who he called “My personal friend that I look forward to meeting one day.”

In this case, Colbert’s support meant taking down David Wildstein, the former senior official in the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey who insists that Christie knew about the now-infamous 2013 Fort Lee, N.J. lane closures. While the late night comedian hurled grenades at Wildstein, the Garden State governor did the real damage to his former schoolmate and the one-time Livingston, N.J. mayor.

After all, Wildstein was once “an anonymous blogger,” Christie pointed out in a memo, along with four other serious charges. It’s quite damning stuff, Wrap readers.

Watch the clips: