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Stephen Colbert Hijacks Chuck Todd’s Interview of ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ Donald Trump (Video)

Watch your fluffy tails, squirrels

Stephen Colbert on Monday inserted himself into Chuck Todd’s recent interview of President Donald Trump. “Meet the Press,” meet “Meet the Colbert.”

“The Late Show’s” hijacked interview started off with simple pleasantries, with Colbert asking Trump how he’s feeling.

Trump’s edited-to-fit response? “Stone cold crazy.” That checks out.

Colbert pushed the point about our ongoing unrest with Iran — will it result in war? To answer that important line of questioning, our commander in chief pulled out a Magic 8 Ball.


You may notice there that the Colbert folks ensured Trump’s stand-in hand was not a large one. It’s the little things in comedy, guys.

So, the United States and Iran may soon do battle, like it or not. But the Middle Eastern country isn’t the only target in Trump’s crosshairs. We’re talking to you, squirrels.

In the well-doctored clip, Trump told the CBS personality he aims to turn “a nuclear weapon” onto the acorn-lovers, which will face “obliteration like you’ve never seen.”

Might want to “squirrel” away a few extra nuts this summer, little guys — sounds like it could be an extra hot one.

Finally, Colbert asked Trump what his legacy will be to our democracy.

“I was the one that ended it,” Trump said. Mhm.

Watch the video above.