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Stephen Colbert Hijacks Piers Morgan's Interview With Donald Trump (Video)


Step aside, Piers -- Stephen's got this. On Wednesday's "Late Show," Stephen Colbert edited himself into Piers Morgan's recent interview with President Trump. This one was far less friendly.

In the comedic recut, Trump refers to his hero Winston Churchill a "great woman," and calls his Twitter fight with Bette Midler "the greatest battle ever in history."

So, not off to the best start.

Colbert's version of the POTUS shared some sinister plans for the U.S.S. John McCain, and revealed how his staff even puts up with all the nonsense. Spoiler: It's drugs, lots of drugs. You probably already guessed that.

Watch the video above.

What'd we learn? If Trump wins a second term, he's moving to Canada too.