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Stephen Colbert Hurls Poop-Pun Onslaught at ‘Rival’ Anderson Cooper

After watching Cooper laugh uncontrollably over Gerard Depardieu’s in-flight meltdown, Colbert is ”shocked at this behavior from the award-winning journalist“

Thanks to Gerard Depardieu, the media has devoted air time the last few days to discussing urination on airplanes and making bathroom-centric jokes, but there was something positive that came out of it — Stephen Colbert discovered Anderson Cooper's kryptonite.

Colbert aired a segment on "The Colbert Report" last night in which he joked about his "long-time beef" with CNN's "wood elf" Anderson Cooper. As a fellow news anchor — well, sort of — Colbert has been intimidated by Cooper's "legendary composure" under pressure, and so he is relieved to have found his weakness.

Filming "Anderson Cooper 360" on Wednesday, Cooper laughed uncontrollably while making a feces-related pun in discussing Depardieu's urinating in an airplane aisle.

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Colbert was shocked, shocked! And so, having found his rival's weakness, he strung together a whole list of puns including Dame Dudi Stench, LL Stool J and Fudge Andrew Napolitano.

Take that Cooper.

Here's the clip: