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Stephen Colbert Invites John Oliver Into His Personal Space, Hilarity Ensues (Video)

Let’s talk moisturizer, curse words and ”that ridiculous accent“

Stephen Colbert invited guest and friend John Oliver to get a little closer on Friday’s “Late Night,” and let’s just say they learned a lot about each other’s moisturizing habits.

“I was wondering if you’d like to catch up in a more private, personal space. Would you want to do that?” Colbert asked the “Last Week Tonight” host, lamenting the fact that they only get to catch up on life during TV shows.

But Colbert wasn’t inviting the HBO host to dinner. The two stuck their heads in the totally soundproof (cough), totally private (not really) “Personal Space” box. Judging by Oliver’s nervous laughter, it appeared to be a little too close for comfort. And, yes, breath mints and Binaca were also involved.

The two late-night comedians discussed matters like moisturizer, Oliver’s “ridiculous accent” and favorite curse words. Oliver’s expletive of choice?

In his words: “A simple, journeyman f— has, you know, the soft ‘f’ and the nice landing of the hard ‘k.'”

Watch the full clip above.