Colbert Questions Dr. Oz’s Pennsylvania Candidacy: ‘He’s Never Even Gotten Wasted on Yeungling’ (Video)

But wait for the punchline …

Stephen Colbert made punching bags of several members of the GOP during Thursday night’s “Late Show” monologue, including Pennsylvania candidate for senate, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

“Dr. Oz is running for senate in Pennsylvania, despite the fact that until the moment he announced, he’d been living in and filming his show in New Jersey,” Colbert begain.

“New Jersey!” the “Late Show” host continued, with emphasis on the state’s name. “He’s not a real Pennsylvanian. I bet he’s never even got wasted on Yuengling and tried to tongue the crack of the Liberty Bell.”

But Colbert didn’t stop there. He continued to rip the former TV show host (who stepped back from his show for his political run) over a recent comment Dr. Oz made about his involvement in politics in Turkey (Oz is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Turkey).

“Critics are also quick to point out that Doc Ozzy also has Turkish citizenship, but he assured voters that he has never been politically involved in Turkey in any capacity,” Colbert said, setting up his joke.

“Turns out, and I know this is going to come off as something of a shock, Dr. Oz lied because this week a picture of him emerged of him voting in the 2018 Turkish elections,” Colbert said, showing the photo of Dr. Oz at the polls in the country. “Even worse, he voted for Jill Stein.”

When the audience laughed at that joke, Colbert turned his humor on the former 2016 Green Party candidate for president.

“She’ll be so happy you remembered her too,” the “Late Show” host quipped.

Watch his full monologue above.