Stephen Colbert Marvels at TV Weather Reporters’ ‘Meteorological Technology Ripped Straight From YouTube’ (Video)

Every major network must have searched “turn boiling water into snow” on the video-sharing service before demonstrating the science experiment themselves

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 7:28 PM

The weather outside is frightful, America, and just like TheWrap did earlier this week, Stephen Colbert noticed TV news reporters can’t stop demonstrating the effect freezing temperatures have on things — mainly water.

“Cable news knows that Americans can’t comprehend that it’s cold outside from abstract temperatures or ‘seasons,” Colbert joked on “The Colbert Report” on Wednesday. “That’s why they don’t just tell, they show using the latest meteorological technology ripped straight from YouTube, the Doppler Cup of Water 9000.”

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The Comedy Central host played a montage of correspondents covering the “Polar Vortex” turning boiling hot water into snow just by throwing it into the air.

“This is the most dramatic science experiment in news since they brought Brit Hume back to life with a bolt of lightning,” Colbert declared.

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But one creative reporter, CBS Minnesota’s Rachel Slavik, realized turning water into snow still may not be enough to answer the age-old question, “How cold is it outside?” So instead, she took meteorological technology to the next level by using a frozen banana to hammer a nail into a block of wood.

Tune in tomorrow when reporters start making their breath look like cigarette smoke.