Stephen Colbert Takes Helium and Sings ‘Lollipop Guild’ to Mock Trump Lawyer’s Attempt to Discredit Michael Cohen | Video

“The Late Show” host finds an adorable way to express some despair

Stephen Colbert Trump Trial helium monologue CBS

Stephen Colbert had a lot of fun channeling “The Wizard of Oz” on Thursday night — with the help of some helium.

Colbert sang “the Lollipop Guild” in order to make fun of one of the ways Donald Trump’s Lawyers attempted to discredit Michael Cohen during cross-examination Thursday in the former president’s New York criminal trial.

Before that — still on helium — Colbert expressed some adorable-sounding, but actually terrifying observations about American democracy. But don’t get stressed out, just focus on the adorable voice by watching the clip from Colbert’s monologue below:

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Colbert got to the helium joke by bringing up how during the trial, “to prove that Cohen was deeply biased and eager to see Donald Trump punished, Trump’s lawyer played a clip of Cohen’s podcast in which he just celebrated Trump’s indictment. Reportedly on the clip, Cohen shouted giddy, high pitched and was speaking so fast that if you didn’t know better, you’d think the tape had been artificially sped up.”

“I know how he feels,” Colbert said before pulling out a red balloon filled with helium and inhaling, deeply.

“I’ve been pretty excited about this whole trial boy, what if Trump’s convicted,” Colbert said, very obviously high pitched. “But on the other hand, this trial is a silly diversion. We risk overlooking what it signifies about the underlying root rot of our political system as we teeter on the brink of dictatorship.”

While saying the above, Colbert occasionally took another hit from the balloon in order to keep the high pitched voice going. Then, just after the words “dictatorship,” he started to sing, “We represent the lollipop guild,” until fading out with “the defense rests.”

Colbert ended the bit with a dig at Trump’s hilariously low-attended inauguration in 2017.

“The defense tried to show that Cohen felt rejected by Trump, including getting him to confirm that he had a hard time getting tickets to Trump’s 2017 inauguration. Wow, that had to sting because we all know there were plenty of seats available,” Colbert said, smirking as a photo from the event appeared onscreen.

For those who forgot, Trump was so humiliated by the low attendance, he made his people dishonestly edit official photos to make it appear the opposite.


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