Stephen Colbert Sums Up GOP’s Obamacare Replacement: ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ (Video)

“Late Show” host literally dances with death during Tuesday monologue

Last Updated: March 8, 2017 @ 8:29 AM

Stephen Colbert just tore apart the Republicans’ 66-page plan to replace Obamacare.

Their proposed bill will keep a few things from the Affordable Care Act, he explained Tuesday, such as the ability for kids to stay on their parent’s healthcare until age 26, and a ban on insurance companies discriminating over pre-existing conditions.

“Oh, there’s one other thing they’re keeping from Obamacare: Nobody likes it,” Colbert quipped during the monologue.

That wasn’t the only solid joke the CBS host had in store for his studio audience.

“Experts estimate that this will cover 20 million fewer Americans than Obamacare,” Colbert set his next punchline up: “Twenty million fewer than Obama — that sounds like Trump’s inauguration.”

The “Late Show” personality then took a well-deserved dance break with Death.

“We’re all gonna die,” Colbert summed up the GOP plan.

This all happened within the first 150 seconds of his monologue. There were eight more minutes where that criticism came from.

Watch the video above, and go get your annual physical while you still can.