Stephen Colbert: Obama’s a ‘P—y,’ ‘F—‘ Britain if They Won’t Attack Syria (Video)

The “Colbert Report” wants English Muffins renamed “Liberty Toast” due to lack of strike support from our ally

Stephen Colbert misses George W. Bush, a president who was not afraid to lie to the American people to carry out a war.

The leader of Colbert Nation has found a way to blame a low approval rating for attacking Syria on the very man who is asking permission to do it, President Obama.

The comedian called our current president a “pussy,” urging he “slap some AndroGel on your coin purse and grow a pair.”

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Due to Obama’s lame sales pitch for the attack, even Colbert’s crack graphics department can’t get behind the poor salesmanship of the attack: “Cris-Ish in Syri-Eh” was their best work.

In the below clip, the “Colbert Report” host shows Obama how to do the job. Spoiler: It includes “If Britain won’t help us I say f— ’em, from now on English muffins will be called ‘Liberty Toast.’”

“As the world’s policeman, America has a moral obligation to blow some s— up,” Colbert concluded.

Watch the video: