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Stephen Colbert Lives the Billionaire, Oligarch Life on ‘Russia Week’ (Video)

Mikhail Prokhorov, a friend of Vladimir Putin, gives the host a tour of his eccentric estate

Only Stephen Colbert can go over to Russia and get a one-on-one interview with a Russian oligarch, only to help the guy set up his Tinder profile.

Over at the “The Late Show’s” Russia week, Colbert arranged a meeting with Mikhail Prokhorov, a friend of Vladimir Putin’s who made a fortune when he was allowed to buy a nickel mine for just pennies and then sold it just before the 2008 financial collapse.

But what is an oligarch?

“Over there the political system’s controlled by wealthy elites who buy influence and pull strings of the government. While in America, we speak English,” Colbert joked.

The host got to tour Prokhorov’s estate and speak with the guy. At first, it’s unclear if Prokhorov is joking with Colbert when he tells him he’ll never get to leave the country if he doesn’t let him call him Steve, or when he says something about cutting Colbert’s toes off.

But then Colbert starts asking him the tough questions, like if he has a yacht and if he owns any sports teams. For the record, Prokhorov says he has a yacht but he doesn’t know where it is and that he owns the Brooklyn Nets.

Prokhorov’s a bachelor, so Colbert then helped him to set up his Tinder profile.

“I’m gonna put down, ‘I made my fortune mining, but I haven’t found my gem.’ They’re gonna melt,” Colbert joked.

The second half of the video, which you can watch above, shows the tour of the Prokhorov estate, which is full of secret rooms, throwing stars, indoor pools, and everything else that Colbert says an eight-year-old boy would love.

“You’ve got a clubhouse painted in Dr. Seuss colors,” Colbert exclaimed. “It’s got a dungeon in it where you throw axes at the wall. You’re an honest-to-God oligarch.”