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Stephen Colbert Predicts Coal for Christmas from Trump: ‘We Are Screwed’

”He owes the checks and balances of Washington nothing,“ says CBS ”Late Show“ host of president-elect’s mindset

During a candid discussion with fellow “The Daily Show” alum John Oliver on Saturday, Stephen Colbert expressed “why we are most screwed” by a Donald Trump-run White House.

“Everyone tried to stop Trump except the people he is going to appoint, they tried to stop Trump and they didn’t. He owes them nothing,” said the CBS “Late Show” host.

“That’s what scares me,” added Colbert during a chat at a fundraiser for the Montclair Film Festival in New Jersey (via People). “He owes the checks and balances of Washington nothing. Because they tried to stop him and they couldn’t. And he’s a vindictive person. Merry Christmas.”

Colbert also revealed during his chat with the host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” that several of his audience members were crying on election night when he hosted a television special in honor of the occasion.

“That show was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life,” he said. “My audience was sobbing openly.”

Colbert called Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail as being “horrifying,” explaining that is why it is difficult to give him some rope and a chance to lead.

Both hosts discussed their role in emphasizing that Trump’s presidency “is not normal.” Colbert also blamed “fake news” as part of the reason why Hillary Clinton was ultimately defeated.

“You have to keep remembering that this is an abnormal version of what we’ve been through before,” said Oliver.

Colbert added: “We haven’t anything to compare it to. We haven’t flirted with strongmen before.”