Stephen Colbert Reprises ‘Report’ Character With Jon Stewart to Crush Donald Trump (Video)

Former “Daily Show” host keeps the Comedy Central patriot in his isolated cabin

Last Updated: July 19, 2016 @ 7:52 AM

Stephen Colbert brought back his beloved “Colbert Report” character on Monday — an effort to destroy Donald Trump.

The real Colbert needed some help reprising the faux one, and Jon Stewart was there to do just that. And by “there,” we mean in an isolated cabin in the woods, where the former “Daily Show” host keeps his highly patriotic protege.

The extremely conservative character soon took the “Late Show” desk, to the familiar “Stephen! Stephen! Stephen!” chant of yesteryear. He then dove right into an old-school version of Comedy Central segment “The Word.” This one was “Trumpiness,” and it was great.

Watch Stewart awake his old Comedy Central friend above, and be sure to click on the full “Report”-inspired segment on Trump below: